About Us

About Us

With its 162 pieces, the collection of coins from antiquity at the University of Stuttgart, Institute of History, Department for Ancient History is rather small. Nevertheless, part of it (56 coins, mostly from the Roman imperial period and late antiquity) is in constant use as teaching material concerning the basics of numismatics. The other section of 106 coins was purchased as part of a scholarly project between 1994 and 1996, comprising pieces from the Pontic region under the Hellenistic king Mithridates VI. Eupator (reigned 120-63 BC).

Coin Collection, Historisches Institut - Abteilung Ate Geschichte / Stuttgart University
Project management: Prof. Dr. Peter Scholz
Editorial and academic supervision: Dr. Jonas Scherr, supported by Lea Frey and Magali Argaud
Programming: Jürgen Freundel, Ilmenau

Photography: Lea Frey (see each object entry's print view for details).

Layout: Goldland Media
Maps: Goldland Media, Dr. Jürgen Freundel

This project is in cooperation with the Münzkabinett der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin: Coin database and online catalogue based on https://ikmk.smb.museum with shared data administration for the NUMiD-network and the semantic web.